WP Fresh Pop Review


WP Fresh Pop Review

WP Fresh Pop Review

WP Fresh Pop Review




    WP Fresh Pop Review – Overview

    Vendor: Declan Mc et al
    Product: WP Fresh Pop
    Launch Date: 2017-Jan-11
    Launch Time: 11:00 EST
    Front-End Price: $16

    watch video Art of Marketing say: 

    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV0LQNFFgS8

    WP Fresh Pop Review – What is it ?


    Best bonus for WP FreshPop? (yep. right here!)
    By now you’ve probably heard about the brand new technology that is going to completely revolutionize the way people look at popups. No longer are popups annoying with this software.
    I know a lot of people are emailing about this new technology, called WP FreshPop.
    So I wanted to do something special and round up a MEGA bonus bundle for you guys, so that you are getting the best bonuses possible on this.

    The popup software (WP FreshPop) is amazing by itself.
    I’ve always looked at popups as an annoyance, but now my mind has been completely changed with this.
    And the MEGA bonus bundle that I’ve lined up for you is just icing on the cake.
    I really went to bat for you on this. Check out everything you’re getting here:
    You’ll notice that only 100 bonus spots are available for this bonus bundle (valued at over $1100). So if you want to get all these goodies, you’ll want to act fast on this.
    This goes live on Wednesday at 10am EST. Set a timer on your phone so you don’t miss it.
    I can really see how this NEW attention-grabbing software is going to turn cold visitors into hot buyers that flood commissions and PASSIVE profits into your pockets.

    These guys should be charging 37 to 47 bucks for this. After this introductory special launch, that’s what you can expect to pay.
    But the early bird price is going to be just 13.95 on this. For the first 3 hours (early bird window).
    I can’t wait to see you profiting with this software and this MEGA bonus bundle.
    There’s a big problem these days with popup ads. Visitors are getting smarter and are becoming blind to popups. Clicking that X is almost like a quick reflex now. Visitors are getting more and more annoyed with popups.

    But the sky is not falling.

    When used in the right way (the FRESH way), popups can still be a website’s secret weapon.
    So what is the “right way”? What is the “FRESH way”?

    The answer is found in the new non-intrusive, user friendly popup – one that does NOT annoy the customer.
    To prove our point, one of Asia’s leading websites have been quietly going about their business with this unique, subtle popup. And this authority website has NO HESITATION in using this new popup technology for their 8,200,000 global monthly visitors!
    This new software is allowing them to drive hordes of visitors to any promotion of their choice on complete autopilot… without annoying any of their visitors like other popups do!

    After seeing exactly how this giant authority website was using this fresh new popup technology, we set about creating a brand new software…
    A software that would enable each and everyone of us to cash in BIG from this growing trend and turn any WordPress website into a passive income generating ATM…

    Here’s Why You Need WP FreshPop…

    100% PROVEN & New Technology…


    We created this software because one of the biggest websites in Asia have been successfully using a very similar Popup to generate hordes of visitors to promotions and ads from their website. We replicated what they did and made it better, enabling any marketer to follow in their footsteps…


    Completely Autopilot Traffic


    Why waste tons of money on traffic generation when WP Fresh Pop can be used to make more money from your existing visitors. If you’re a marketer, blogger, vlogger or website owner then you can use WP Fresh Pop to drive traffic to any webpage, video or promo in minutes…


    ZERO Grunt Work & Hassle Free


    With WP Fresh Pop, your revolutionary Pop-Up can be completely customised in minutes without any coding knowledge required. If you can use WordPress, then you’ll be able to set up a beautiful, user friendly traffic generating monster in minutes…


    Finally Tap Into The Internet Lifestyle


    It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced marketer looking to increase the bottom line of your business or a newbie trying to make your first $, WP Pop Up will help you to reach your goals. This non-intrusive, user friendly pop-up enables you to increase your bottom line and make passive income from traffic generated while you sleep. You can use this plugin to scale your business to new heights…



    You Can Get Some Sale Funnels if You Buy WP Fresh Pop!


    FE: WP FreshPop


    WP FreshPop – This front end version allows users to add and customize this new powerful popup technology. A technology that does NOT annoy the customer. Different display features included (video w/background, video by itself, etc). And full control to customize their popup how they wish. This also comes with 10 DFY background images. This is a brand new technology that very few have seen. The marketplace desperately needs this new software in order to get their very most out of online traffic.


    Upgrade 1: WP FreshPop (PRO Version) + BONUS


    This PRO version has a page jacking feature that enables users to grab any other webpage online and put THEIR popup on it and save it inside their WordPress as a new page. Plus it has a Pixabay search API for stock images so that the customer can use 1000s even 10s of thousands of high quality HD images. And this PRO version also allows the customer to add another image layer so that if they want to add an ecover graphic, they can easily do it and attract even more viewers to their popup.


    Upgrade 2: WP FreshPop (Reseller Rights)


    This upgrade is Reseller rights to both WP Freshpop Basic and WP FreshPop PRO. These reseller rights allow the customer to sell the plugin as is and bank 100% commissions for BOTH versions. In this upgrade we are also giving reseller rights to WP Contentio (getcontentio.com).


    Upgrade 3: WP FreshPop – White Label Rights

    We are going the extra mile with this upgrade and are rebranding the plugin for each and every customer who grabs this. Customer will provide us with their desired plugin name and logo and we will change the branding for them. The rebranded plugin will be delivered to the customer within 7 days after their request.


    watch video Mike From Maine say: 

    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTZxKeg5DEY

    watch video Stefan say: 

    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWP6WDHTv_g

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    WP Fresh Pop Bonus

    Get WP Fresh Pop Review through my link : 
    After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: lindareview132@gmail.com
    Choose bonuses you want in your email and you will receive them within 24 hours
    Bonus Page: SPECIAL HUGE BONUS Check Here!

    Thank you for reading my WP Fresh Pop Review best wishes to you!  have a nice day. goodbye see you again.



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