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ClickMSG Review

ClickMSG Review

ClickMSG Review




    ClickMSG Review – Overview

    Vendor: Brad Stephens et al
    Product: ClickMSG
    Launch Date: 2017-Jan-06
    Launch Time: 11:00 EST
    Front-End Price: $27

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    ClickMSG Review – What is it ?


    Facebook just introduced a fantastic new ad format – ‘Messenger’. When you use this format along with ‘Clicks to website’ objective, anyone who clicks on your ad will get a personalized message right in their inbox.

    That’s right. Anyone who CLICKS on your ad, gets a personalized message!

    With ClickMSG technology, you can send anything, including coupons, images, sales pitches all in the same message. Not only that, you can even ask your prospect questions, and give them options or even conduct surveys. All from inside Facebook messenger!
    Do you think there’s anyone who won’t be using this tech? That’s right. It’s going to be a part of every Ad on Facebook, and ClickMSG is what you need to get it right.

    ClickMSG builds customized Facebook messages for you ClickMSG
    Facebook recently rolled out it’s newest and most powerful advertising format – Messenger!
    Yes, now Facebook allows you to send a personal message to anyone who clicks on your ad.

    It pops up right in their inbox and you can put in anything you want.

    – Custom call to actions
    – Sign up offers
    – Images
    – Sales pitches
    – Coupon codes
    – Surveys
    – & More

    …all with a 100% inboxing rate.

    This new type of FB message is going to supercharge your lead generation,
    conversions and profits overnight.
    The problem is, it’s not something you can setup on your own. It requires
    technical knowledge and programming knowledge, and unless you’re a superhero
    developer who can code, you’re stuck without this feature.

    Right now, the only people able to use this brand new technology are the big brands
    who can hire expensive developers to custom code each and every custom message campaign.

    Lost already? Let us solve this for you!

    Introducing ClickMSG, a web based solution that will help give you the power to send out
    highly customized and personalized messages to your audience without having to become
    a computer geek with coding superpowers.
    ClickMSG lets you create your own customized ad message in a 100% graphical system.

    Yes you even get a live preview!

    With ClickMSG, you’ll be able to reach out to every single person who clicks on
    your Facebook ad with a personal, “NEW” type of inboxed message.

    That’s 100% attention, 100% readership.

    Your ad audience is going to be 100% engaged. Now imagine the returns!
    No, this is not like every other messaging app out there. In fact nothing out there
    automates the creation of this new type of FB message but ClickMSG.


    Ads Inside Messenger With ClickMSG

    ClickMSG generates the powerful JSON ad data format with all your ad content that you can paste into Facebook ads interface.

    Everyone who clicks on your ads gets a personal message.

    ClickMSG lets you create rich and responsive personal messages that have graphics and responses.

    Send coupons, offers, pitches to your customer’s inbox and increase your sales and conversions 300%.
    Reach your customer on all their devices – PC, Phone, Tablet.

    ClickMSG gives you everything you need to set up rich messages without technical know-how.

    Create your message visually and see a real preview of how it will look on your customer’s computer.

    Renders 100% compatible JSON data that you can paste into your Facebook ads interface and activate your messages instantly.

    Web based responsive SAAS runs anywhere, on all devices.


    Here’s Some Powerfull Features of ClickMSG
    See yourself How Easy it is

    Type & Create Graphical Messenger Ads

    Just type out a few quick details and create your messenger ad without any programming knowledge or knowing JSON at all.


    Live Preview

    See how your ad will look on the screen of your prospects complete with your selected image and options. Work with simple visuals not complicated and headache-inducing codes and syntax.


    Save & Retrieve Ads Anytime


    Save the ads you create and retrieve them whenever you want. Modify them, or generate JSON from them in seconds.


    Easy To Use SAAS

    Even a 10 year old can master this application and create effective messenger ads. You’ll be up and running in no time at all..


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